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An explanation - my obsession with hand spindles...

So if you've looked at the gallery you are going to have at least once asked "what on earth are all these spindles about?"  Truth is that I'm married to an amazingly crafty woman who has a passionate interest in all things yarn related.  Everything from the breeds of sheep through to knit and crochet and making  with yarn in all its forms.  Of course on that journey from fleece to finished garment there is the process of spinning and plying the yarn.   As well as being a demon on the spinning wheel she also takes great pleasure from hand spinning. Hand spinning is a technique so old that it certainly predates written history - which is no surprise given that essentially all you need is a stick and a weight to help it spin. Of course over the last two and a half thousand years or so this has matured in different ways around the world, with different styles of spindle emerging from different cultures and places.  To give some context to the history of hand spinning th

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